Happy Birthday {Baby Owen turns 1!}

Everyone has that one friend, the friend they truthfully feel like they can't live without. The friend who knows more about you than your own spouse probably does, and they love you just the same. My friend, who I've known since college, has been like my soulmate of friends. She feels more like a sister to me and I truthfully share everything with her. She has supported me through the ups and downs and we've had our big "sisterly" fights but in the end we always come back to one another realizing that this friendship is "the friendship". Distance is a hard thing between us, resulting in us not seeing each other as frequently as we'd like. She lives in the southern suburbs and I live in the north east suburbs, a long 45 minute drive to see one another. But when we do see each other it's like not a moment has passed in between. A year ago she welcomed her sweet baby Owen in to this world. I remember when I got the call, tears swelled in my eyes because I knew how important this moment was for her. Becoming a mom is what she was meant to do. Every time thereafter as I would see her and her sweet baby boy I would always get a little weepy. Perhaps it was because as weeks and months passed in between our visits her little man was changing so rapidly. Perhaps it was because every time I would see her and Owen interact I knew that it was what she was meant to do. Or maybe it's because I really do love her little guy like he is my nephew, a feeling that only an Auntie can understand. I'm not sure, but still to date I tear up when I see her/him. This last time we met was for a monumental milestone, her little Owen turned 1 and she asked me to photograph this big event! When I got there Mr. O was sleeping but when he came down and greeted us with a big smile the tears came again. My how I love that little boy. So, here's a glimpse of an ever so important photography moment for me. Photographing my best friend, her precious one year old, her happy easy going husband on a day that was purely perfect. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

P.S.- Aren't they the most gorgeous family?!