Jacob Shoot

Recently I received an email inquiry from a gal I had never met, asking me to set up a photography shoot. After exchanging a few emails with her we fast tracked our date and decided to take photos that weekend. She was wanting some family photos but most of the time would be used for taking photos of her for her new business. Let's just say, I was soo nervous! She had emailed me a few photos of what she was looking for, they were gorgeous. So artistic and dreamy to say the least. With my business just taking off I had never done something to this caliber but I knew I wanted to do it, nerves and all. So we met, in St. Paul at the gorgeous U of M St. Paul campus. It was perfect. The sun was shining, it was a cool 58 degrees but the sun felt so nice and warm on our faces,  and the scenery was so beautiful. The second I met her my nerves passed. She was so kind and the conversation flowed so nicely between the two of us. Her two boys, ages 9 and 11, were a delight. We shot some family photos, a few of her husband (for his job) and then her and I went off to shoot the ones for her website. Her and I worked together and talked through each shot, what we thought worked and what we thought didn't. She was open to my suggestions and I loved how she knew exactly what she wanted. She was so easy to shoot and the camera loved her. My first big shoot doing something I had never done went amazingly well. Here are some photos of my quick hour spent with this delightful family..