A red barn, pink dress, a busy three old and a surprise!

The other night I photographed some dear friends of mine and their two little ones. We had so much fun! As we got to our destination, little Trevor popped out and said "we're at the farm"! I guess in the eyes of a 3 year old it was a farm! Sweet little Jocelyn, who is 5.5, just had to wear her prettiest dress for the shoot. When I pulled up mama said, "we're all wearing jeans but Joss was determined to wear her dress". Although it didn't necessarily "fit" with what everyone else was wearing, it fit her so well. Kids have such a fun way of displaying who they are and this is who Jocelyn is right now. It was perfect. The kids had so much fun running up and down the hills, checking to see if the barn doors were unlocked and posing oh so nice for Aunt Megs :) I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of this fabulous family!  And their surprise announcement too!