Snowstorm Session {Shir Family}

MN weather is so unpredictable. Take today, it's in the 30's and snow is melting.. yesterday reached 40. Now tomorrow and the rest of the week it's in the single digits if not cooler, seriously! I had booked a session with this family for a Sunday morning shoot. Watching the weather we were supposed to get bombarded with snow. The weather people were right. As the snow kept coming in down and not showing any signs of letting up I thought there was no way this family would continue with the session.. I was wrong. They showed up with smiles and ready to shoot.. it was awesome! It definitely was cold and we had to move fast, but we topped it off with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a few more pictures. For sure one of the most fun sessions I've had! ImageMPP_5775 MPP_5737 MPP_5730 MPP_5674 MPP_5655 copy MPP_5843 copy MPP_5885 copy MPP_5959a copy MPP_5988 copy MPP_6139

{Linneman Xmas Session}

Good friends of ours contacted me to snap some Christmas card photos for them and I had such a blast. It's always fun to take photos for friends because I get to see their children in a different light, capturing all those moments that often times go unnoticed. Little Stella and I had some good laughs and Mr. Max is just about as easy going as they come at 6 months! Love you guys!! Image

MPP_1876 MPP_1964a MPP_1968 MPP_2102 MPP_2158 MPP_2184 MPP_2260a MPP_2304

{Kommany Newborn Session}

MPP_4380 copy

MPP_4380 copy







Another session where I had photographed mama pregnant with her little man and got the call to set up a newborn session. My how I love the lifestyle approach to newborn sessions. I am able to capture parents doting over their newest addition and it allows them the memories of how that moment in time.. these pictures are like a pause button of those first few weeks. I adore it. Welcome to the world baby S, you sure are loved!

A yellow wall, fun hats, a smiley 2 year old and a library.. {Kelly Family Session}

We met in downtown Hopkins, it was a cool wintery day but no snow to be found!  This family had bright fun Christmas hats on and their little R stole the show with her adorable smile. She kept saying "come on Meghan" and making sure I was coming with wherever they went. It made it hard to snap photos because I wanted to play with Miss R the whole time! We ended our session indoors at a library. It was a gorgeous day with a lovely family, I had so much fun. Have I said before how much I love what I do?!! Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session Kelly Session

A forest, a dimply 2 year old and climbing (Erke-Holliday Session}

My how I love photographing little ones. A dear friend of mine asked me to take some family and 2 year photos for them. Our location changed only half a dozen times and with a sick little one of my own I asked if we could keep it close to my home so I could rush back and snuggle with my daughter. We decided on Tamarack Nature Center  and couldn't have been more perfect for this little guy. We had so much fun exploring, climbing, building in the forest and walking along the paths. Mr. J and his giant dimples were enough to make me melt into a puddle right there on the spot. He has an infectious smile and a fabulous vibrant personality as well. Oh and did I mention that I love his parents! Enjoy this loving family, I sure did! Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday Erke-Holliday

Glitzy girly baby shower {Amanda's Shower}

A while back I attended a girlfriend from high school's baby shower. I haven't seen this friend since high school but the power of networking allowed us to reconnect and she ever so kindly asked me to come shoot this special day. What I thought was pretty cool was the fact that you wouldn't normally think to hire a photographer to shoot a baby shower, but like most important days that we celebrate all the little details fly out of our mind as quickly as the day passes. It was so fun to catch up with people I haven't seen in years and to be able to capture the little details of her baby girls upcoming arrival. MPP_0823 copy amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower amanda shower

Happy Halloween {Moravec Kids}

One of the coolest things about delivering my daughter at the birth center was the amazing network of people you meet through there. The birth community is like its own little family and you create lasting relationships with many that you meet. The chiropractor at the birth center also lives in the same city as me which has been so fun. She has three kiddos and the two older ones are close in age to J. We like to go over there and have the kids play in the basement while us moms chit chat. Their mom and I made a chiropractor/photographer trade and I snapped some halloween pics of her littles! It was a very quick session outside and as soon as we were done the kids were free to run and play at the park together! Happy Halloween from the these sweet littles!




Another family engagement session! {Jenn and Eric}

Shortly after my brother got engaged my younger cousin got engaged too! Their engagement sounded like one straight out of "Engagement Magazine" (no such thing I know, but in my photography world there is!). He proposed on a hot air balloon ride, arranged coverage for her job without her knowing, and even got a rental ring since the one he designed wasn't ready! Soo cute! The session was fun and went until it got dark, which made for some challenging lighting, but it all turned out great! It was filled with red balloons, a pretty setting sun, laughs and me making them jump in the air to laugh! I can't wait for their wedding next year.. in Bismarck Hugs to you both and thank you for asking me to take these fun photos!






Como Conservatory Maternity Session {Wendy and Sunny}

I met this sweet couple at the Como Conservatory for a Maternity Session a few weeks back. It was a cold, dreary fall day and I was a bit nervous about lighting since I had never done a shoot there before. Well, needless to say it was silly for me to be nervous! It was such a wonderful session with a delightful couple. The conservatory was a fabulous place to snap photos and I am looking forward to going back this weekend for another session! This mama to be was glowing and was such an easy subject to shoot. I love taking pictures of pregnant mamas to be, their is this natural glow about them and it radiates beauty in all ways! Can't wait to meet their little bundle in a few short weeks!

A very special engagement session {Ryan and Tanya}

My little brother recently got engaged. What an exciting and special time for our family! But with this news they also decided to tell us that they would be moving to California. Very sad news and hard as they plan a wedding here in MN and we likely won't see them until the big day arrives. I was so happy to capture these moments between the two of them. Lovely lovely photos of you two. Big hugs on this new adventure in your lives and remember to stand next to each other on your journey and don't let life's stressors push you apart. You two are each other's rocks and should remain that way through all the hurdles and obstacles put in your way. xoxo

Sunny fall day and a beautiful mama to be.. {Leslie Maternity Session}

A couple weeks back I met with a client to photograph her maternity photos. Having never met them and a short phone conversation between the two of us, I wasn't quite sure what to expect and how the shoot was going to go. I met her and her boyfriend at a park reserve in between both of us. It was a gorgeous fall day, although it felt quite like summer, warming in to the 80's by afternoon. They were such a sweet couple. The energy between the two was filled with love and respect. I had such a blast and can't wait to meet their sweet baby boy in a few short weeks!




Happy Birthday {Baby Owen turns 1!}

Everyone has that one friend, the friend they truthfully feel like they can't live without. The friend who knows more about you than your own spouse probably does, and they love you just the same. My friend, who I've known since college, has been like my soulmate of friends. She feels more like a sister to me and I truthfully share everything with her. She has supported me through the ups and downs and we've had our big "sisterly" fights but in the end we always come back to one another realizing that this friendship is "the friendship". Distance is a hard thing between us, resulting in us not seeing each other as frequently as we'd like. She lives in the southern suburbs and I live in the north east suburbs, a long 45 minute drive to see one another. But when we do see each other it's like not a moment has passed in between. A year ago she welcomed her sweet baby Owen in to this world. I remember when I got the call, tears swelled in my eyes because I knew how important this moment was for her. Becoming a mom is what she was meant to do. Every time thereafter as I would see her and her sweet baby boy I would always get a little weepy. Perhaps it was because as weeks and months passed in between our visits her little man was changing so rapidly. Perhaps it was because every time I would see her and Owen interact I knew that it was what she was meant to do. Or maybe it's because I really do love her little guy like he is my nephew, a feeling that only an Auntie can understand. I'm not sure, but still to date I tear up when I see her/him. This last time we met was for a monumental milestone, her little Owen turned 1 and she asked me to photograph this big event! When I got there Mr. O was sleeping but when he came down and greeted us with a big smile the tears came again. My how I love that little boy. So, here's a glimpse of an ever so important photography moment for me. Photographing my best friend, her precious one year old, her happy easy going husband on a day that was purely perfect. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

P.S.- Aren't they the most gorgeous family?!

Jacob Shoot

Recently I received an email inquiry from a gal I had never met, asking me to set up a photography shoot. After exchanging a few emails with her we fast tracked our date and decided to take photos that weekend. She was wanting some family photos but most of the time would be used for taking photos of her for her new business. Let's just say, I was soo nervous! She had emailed me a few photos of what she was looking for, they were gorgeous. So artistic and dreamy to say the least. With my business just taking off I had never done something to this caliber but I knew I wanted to do it, nerves and all. So we met, in St. Paul at the gorgeous U of M St. Paul campus. It was perfect. The sun was shining, it was a cool 58 degrees but the sun felt so nice and warm on our faces,  and the scenery was so beautiful. The second I met her my nerves passed. She was so kind and the conversation flowed so nicely between the two of us. Her two boys, ages 9 and 11, were a delight. We shot some family photos, a few of her husband (for his job) and then her and I went off to shoot the ones for her website. Her and I worked together and talked through each shot, what we thought worked and what we thought didn't. She was open to my suggestions and I loved how she knew exactly what she wanted. She was so easy to shoot and the camera loved her. My first big shoot doing something I had never done went amazingly well. Here are some photos of my quick hour spent with this delightful family..

A red barn, pink dress, a busy three old and a surprise!

The other night I photographed some dear friends of mine and their two little ones. We had so much fun! As we got to our destination, little Trevor popped out and said "we're at the farm"! I guess in the eyes of a 3 year old it was a farm! Sweet little Jocelyn, who is 5.5, just had to wear her prettiest dress for the shoot. When I pulled up mama said, "we're all wearing jeans but Joss was determined to wear her dress". Although it didn't necessarily "fit" with what everyone else was wearing, it fit her so well. Kids have such a fun way of displaying who they are and this is who Jocelyn is right now. It was perfect. The kids had so much fun running up and down the hills, checking to see if the barn doors were unlocked and posing oh so nice for Aunt Megs :) I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of this fabulous family!  And their surprise announcement too!

Those first smiles {Noah 9 weeks}

Any parent can agree that the first smiles are the best. No matter if it's your first child or your fourth, it doesn't matter. When your newest little addition looks at you and gives you the big smile, your heart melts right there. I haven't seen little Noah for a couple of weeks and he has since changed so much. Growing rapidly and new tricks, smiling being one of them. His mama told me, "getting him to smile is like spotting the lochness". I'm pretty sure he was just saving them all up for his Auntie Megs :) Check back often to watch this little man grow..the first year is so much fun to photograph as they change week to week! ~Meghan


A Family Shoot

This past weekend my sister and my niece came in to town to celebrate my sisters birthday. Her and I had talked about doing a photo shoot together (she has her undergrad in Photography and has been a huge mentor for me in the process). I figured this would be the perfect combination. She was wanting some pics of her and Ad and I was in need of her feedback. I treated it like I would any other shoot and she acted like a subject without any on the spot words of advice. All of her feedback came as we looked through the pictures, which was great! Both of us were very pleased with the outcome of the shoot and I left feeling as though I got the stamp of approval from my sister, which was a wonderful feeling! Here's a preview of our shoot. ~Meghan

Bell Family Shoot

I spent this past weekend with this adorable little one. Sweet little Madi, who is 2 1/2, seems far beyond her years. With an infectious smile and a personality to boot, I was so happy to be able to snap photos of her. The Wednesday prior to our shoot I spent a couple hours with Madi and her mama and she was quite the shy one. Well, she showed me her oh so sweet personality and she had quite the time throwing rocks and chasing her daddy! [gallery link="file"]

Greising-Murschel Maternity/Family Shoot

This past weekend I photographed a good girlfriend of mine who is 34 weeks pregnant with her third little one. What an awesome day it was. Not only did I have a wonderful subject to do maternity shots of, I also had two other little sweeties to flash me huge grins, make silly faces and keep me on my toes. The sky was bright blue, the sun was beading down on us and the smiles were flowing. As the kids played in the sand I snapped photo after photo of their beautiful mama and her baby bump. With her husband by her side, you could feel the love radiate between not only the two of them but the kids as well. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. I can't wait to meet this new bundle![gallery]

6 weeks and pure perfection..

I was lucky enough to take pictures of this baby while he was still in his mama's tummy, when he was a day new, and at a mere 8 days. Today I was at it again. He is 6 weeks going on 6 months. Healthy is an understatement, he weighs in near 15 pounds and he is pure love. With how fast he's growing, and being their last, I want to be able to snap as many photos as I can of this darling baby boy for his mama and papa. His face will melt you! [gallery]