A Grand{view} wedding

It's been two weeks .. two weeks since I shot my very first solo wedding. I planned and prepared for months leading up to this day, worked with the fabulous J Stoia, and prayed over and over for good weather, for calm nerves, and for me to capture all the important memories for this bride and groom. 

As I took deep breaths and walked the grounds of Grandview Lodge, I knew it was going to be fabulous. I scouted out the most beautiful first look location, met with the dream team Drew and Andy (wedding planners), ooed and awwed over all the details they spent time pulling together, and finally stepped inside to say hello to the bride. Toni sat doing her own hair, completely calm and relaxed and ready to marry her forever. I knew in that moment I had nothing to be worried about it. THEY were going to make this day the best day and I was just going to be there to watch it all unfold in front of my camera. 

90 degrees and pure humidity didn't stop them from looking stunning ... and laughing ... and truly making this day exactly what they wanted it to be. Surrounded by a large group of family and friends, love filled every part of this wedding. People smiled, laughed, cried, and were maybe melting from the gorgeous yet sweltering sunshine that was beading down on these two! As they said " i do " in a quick ceremony, with their own tearful vows written to one another, it was like no one else was there but the two of them. After that, it was pure fun. They were ready to celebrate the beauty of marriage! 

Toni + Gabe, thank you for trusting me to capture your most important day. Thank you for believing in me. I am completely honored to have been a part of this moment. Thank you to Drew and Andy for making my day easier, thank you to my sister and second shooter for capturing details and for calming my nerves, and thank you to Toni and Gabe's awesome family and friends ... you all rock! And me, well, I might be hooked on capturing people's "love story"!

Enjoy this sneak peak of your lovely day! xo


Did you know Mama's are jungle gyms too?!

My first meeting with this mama and her boys and it was nothing short of entertaining! Two boys who love their mama, infectious smiles and a little one who recently mastered the monkey bars. Also, I'm pretty sure most moms are their child's jungle gym at some point, these boys decided today was the day (I'm sure there are many others too)!! It was a great afternoon meeting these three!  

A new house full of love .. and also, the cutest brother and sister!

The world has this crazy way of connecting people in ways that seem to run full circle. A high school friend of my husbands and his wife, whom I have a connection with in the birth world, and their lovely family, asked me to photograph their family last year for the first time. This year, it was a different session .. one with a new home, a baby bump, and their dog who missed out last time. Little Miss Juna was sweet as pie, being shy at first and snuggling in cozy to her big brother (who can I just say, is the absolute sweetest with her!) but after a bit, I got some of those real genuine smiles out of this cutie. Baby brother due to arrive in just a couple weeks and a family that is settling in to their new home. I'm grateful that the universe connected me to this family, they are wonderful!! 

Tball, Leo {the dog}, and some pretty cute two year old faces .. {Jack, 2 years}

Rain cancelled our first session and when we looked at the forecast for our reschedule, it should possible rain, thank goodness it didn't! Fortunately for me this family's backyard was pretty picturesque and Jack, well Jack could be a little Gap model. His facial expressions were nothing short of perfection and Leo the dog, he was pretty great too. This backyard family session was a success and Mr. Jack, he's going to be a sweet big brother!! 

An Easter baby surprise {Jasmine birth}

This dear friend of mine allowed me to document her third daughter being born 2.5 years ago .. it was my first birth and I knew at that moment I was hooked. This was something I was meant to do. Documenting a day that is so monumental in our lives, a day where the little details are so often forgotten because, well let's face it, we're a little preoccupied with other things! It's a day where you never knew the strength you had, the courage, the happiness, fear, elation, and ultimately the love .. you never knew all this could exist in a single moment in time. And I, I get to document all of this .. and show all of you what wonderful beings we are.

A fourth time mama, who happens to be a doula and who got to experience something she has only witnessed as a support person, her first home birth. Having had three night time births at Woodwinds this little lady decided she wanted to truly set herself apart from her brother and sisters. Born on Easter morning, while the sunshine literally beamed through the windows as her brother and sisters searched for their Easter baskets. This mama labored comfortably at home with her supportive husband never leaving her side. Her sister was there watching with admiration and due to the technology we now have, her other sister watching over face time. Three little's who would check in sporadically and a midwife team that was always present and making sure mom and baby were doing well. It truly was a beautiful day, for so many reasons, and I could not be more honored to be a part of it. Thank you friends for asking me to document another one of your births!! xo

'Day in the life' with the Hogan's

Day in the life sessions rival births for my all time love of photography. I love documenting families together, doing the things they love in the spaces they cherish. This family is an especially important family to me and the love they have for one another is so obvious in each frame I took. Not only love, but pure respect and honor for each other. When I came in Miss Emalyn was waiting oh so patiently to dive in to the baking, every once in a while glancing up to see what that lady with the camera was doing! Her fun little personality had me laughing the whole time, especially her love for song and dance! In the end, her and I were buds, riding the teeter totter, singing songs, and I was even allowed to decorate some of her beloved eggs! These are the moments we as parents live for .. the little things we forget to document, the moments we want remembered, but also, having everyone together as a family .. To the Hogan's, thank you for welcoming me in to your warm home. You have a beautiful family and I am honored to call you guys friends! xo

Tutus + baby toes + smiles .. the baby glory days!

A dear friend of mine once referred to 6 months as the baby glory days. Ever since then it's stuck. It's the age where the smiles are constant, they eat their toes, roll around and have almost mastered sitting up alone, happily playing with their toys surrounding them! This little pumpkin I've been taking photos of since she was a newbie. It's been so fun to see the change in her over the past 6 months. This session might go down in the books as a favorite, her expressions are priceless!! xo

Jakob Birth

With a due date of December 21st and a first baby I thought for sure this little nugget would be a Christmas baby or New Years .. but he decided he didn't want to miss either and only made his mama and papa wait one day past! A quick but very intense labor, this mama took each contraction in stride, knowing each one brought her baby closer. While dad sat close by, I watched through my lens as his excitement arose waiting to meet his son. Here's a glimpse in to their story ...

Cars + self care #100happydays

Day 6: My little Mister has loved cars since before he turned two. It would keep him content for hours throughout the days. We would paint with cars, drive them in play dough, make the biggest line up we could, they would venture outside with us in the dirt, go through mud and water, and end up everywhere my feet hit the floors. You know that saying "the days are long but the years are short" .. it's true. Every ounce of it. He's six and a half now  and while he still pulls those cars out  to play with every now and again, they aren't glued to his hand. I no longer can pull a car out of my diaper bag that he hasn't seen for a while and watch him get so excited .. now it's legos, and sports, and ipads, and friends .. all things big and not so little anymore. So yesterday when I saw him at his favorite spot, playing with his cars, I needed to make that memory once more, because really, it could be the last time I really remember watching him do it. 

Day 7: I don't realize how much my body relies on a chiropractic adjustment until I'm pushing 2-3 weeks without one. I thought about canceling our appointment today but then realized how much I was looking forward to getting the girls and I adjusted! So we braved the snow and I was oh so happy we did! Our adjustments are just a little bit of self care we can give ourselves to help maintain healthy immune systems (even though this year has not been the kindest to us when it comes to sicknesses!). Even when they are sick it's important for us to see Dr. Amber. I left Health Foundations with an extra spring in my step, feeling a bit better. Also, if you are in need of a family chiropractor .. check her out! www.naturallyaligned.com

Days 3, 4, 5 #100happydays

Today was a day .. One of those days where I wanted to throw in the towel, go back to work and not be at home. This job that I have is the most stressful, the most rewarding, the most exhausting, the most amazingly important job of my life. And while I would trade it for the world, some days I feel defeated ... today was one of those. So I sit here typing, reading to share days 3-5 because I needed to look back and see the happiness that does exist on days like today. xo, mpp


Because playdough on my glasses resulted in the BEST smile from this one ever!! Day 3 #100happydays

Because playdough on my glasses resulted in the BEST smile from this one ever!! Day 3 #100happydays

My kids love my dad .. especially Seyla baby, I'm pretty sure he's her best friend. I feel grateful that he's *relatively* close to us and we can see him regularly. Day 3 #100happydays

My kids love my dad .. especially Seyla baby, I'm pretty sure he's her best friend. I feel grateful that he's *relatively* close to us and we can see him regularly. Day 3 #100happydays

Moments of contentment while brother is at school : Day 4 #100happydays

Moments of contentment while brother is at school : Day 4 #100happydays

Every part of you is your palette when you are one!! Day 4 #100happydays

Every part of you is your palette when you are one!! Day 4 #100happydays

What we needed this afternoon was a little Taylor Swift's "shake it off" to turn our moods around, even if it wasn't for very long .. thank you Taylor! Day 5 #100happydays

What we needed this afternoon was a little Taylor Swift's "shake it off" to turn our moods around, even if it wasn't for very long .. thank you Taylor! Day 5 #100happydays