Water Balloon Fight .. YES please!!

So often we think of family portraits as just that .. a portrait. Where we all are dressed in some of our finest clothes, smiling and looking at the camera. And while those photos are treasured photos in their own way, (looking back year after year and seeing how your family has grown and changed), sometimes a different type of "portrait" session is a welcomed changed. So when I got an email from my client that said " How would you feel about us trying to get a few good shots, then straight up having a water balloon fight?", I responded almost immediately, and probably a little too giddy, with I LOVE THAT! How FUN!!

So if you feel like your photos are in need of a little change from the "typical portraits" .. think outside the box. What does your family enjoy doing together that could evoke a memory documented in years to come. Perhaps it's a pool party, a family football game or a dead of winter sledding session or hockey game. Maybe it's a family hike to a favorite spot or a family meal together. Whatever it may be that brings joy to your family, these photos are equally as treasured :) Enjoy a glimpse in to this beautiful family and their fun water balloon shenanigans!