Baby Simone {Fresh 48 Session}

When our babes are born I feel like things instantly become a haze in those first few days. You float through your days in a state of sheer exhaustion and your nights are spent awake feeding, rocking, and changing. When you have an older child at home, those days become even a bit more fuzzy. We go through the motions of care taking for each of our littles and somehow the days and nights seem to become intertwined. Before you know it you are out the newborn phase and you wonder where those days went?! The sleep deprivation seems settles down a bit, or we just get more used to it :) , you slowly need one less cup of coffee during the morning to get yourself going, and that haze starts to lift. But in those first days, having those moments captured to remember they indeed once were so small. And so sleepy and peaceful, and that even though it sometimes feels like we are floating through on autopilot, we did in fact sit down with our babies. To enjoy those first moments. They way they smelled. Their sleepy smirks. The way big sibling adjusted to a new normal. Wrapping our heads around the fact that just a days ago they were growing inside us and now here we sit, holding and rocking them and enjoying this new phase that we are in.


His face says it all in the first photo. So proud to be a big brother! And even though he initially said he wasn't going to partake in photos, he quickly decided holding new baby sister was a pretty cool job for a big brother. And baby sister, well she was a dream boat and slept through all the clicks with a quick eye opening appearance. Meet baby Simone, just two days new and cute as a button.