Babies + dogs = too much cuteness!

Remember those first moments as a first time parent ... those moments where this little person was placed in your arms and you knew in that instant that your life was forever changed. You were going to protect and guide them, and do your darndest to soak up every single moment. But the thing I wish I knew as a first time mama, which we always hear, is how quickly the days pass by. It's like we blink and they're entering kindergarten! 


Our session got postponed a couple of times so when I walked in and saw them holding their tiny, yet rapidly growing, four week old son, they looked anything but first time parents! They were easy going and totally chill, laughing through the little cries or the stops to put the paci in. And while Wesley had better plans than sleeping during our session, being outside gave us a calm, content babe! Also, Liam the dog delivered a pretty sweet dog picture too :)