A Mama's Love . . .

I think one of the most important things I've learned doing photography for the past 6 years is this .... photos can be quite healing. The photos that a family looks at aren't just a picture. They are a memory of these fleeting moments in our lives. One that they will look back on and hold close to their heart. Because it will provoke a memory of some sort. A time in your life that was maybe difficult, or joyful, or both. I'm reminded why I enjoy capturing moments for families. When you look back at a gallery in years to come, or flip through the photos you've printed, you will be reminded of those moments that you hold so dear to you, but that we so quickly forget as time moves rapidly in front of us. 


The love these four share with one another is remarkable. One I hope my camera captured well, because even amidst a difficult transition, they are smiling with each other. Lifting each other up and embracing each other with warm, comforting hugs. And this mama ... her love for her three little's is something indefinable. I watched as she was their cheerleader, their comfort when they skinned their knee, their worry and protector when they climbed too high .. all of it, she was there alongside them. Parenting is hard. We always want to do what's right for our children, questioning ourselves on the daily. But looking at this family, the one thing that always is right .. is love.