Dance parties + balance bike rides + baby blues

I think we all know how hectic and stressful moving is. Add in a couple of kids and it's even MORE busy! This family was doing just that .. only a few days from closing on their new home, they welcomed me in to their first house as a family, one they wanted remembered before they moved on to a new chapter. It was relaxed and fun, and I felt as though for that one hour, they pushed aside all the busyness to just "be" together as a family. And after a few moves for our own family, the one thing I've learned is that a house really is just a shell that holds your memories. WE are the ones that fill it up and make it feel a home, no matter where that is. So as this new family steps foot in to their new home, and says goodbye to their first family home, they are carrying with them all the memories but instantly creating new ones. They will fill it to the seams with love and laughter and many many more dance parties together!