Slow down time!

It's been over a year since I've blogged .. what can I say, life takes hold and it's gotten a bit neglected. I love writing, and taking pictures, and every time I sit down here and tap the keys, I find my mind replenished, my soul happy. 

It's been seven months, seven whole months since we were blessed with this tiny miracle baby. As my dad refers to him as "smiley", he is just that, Mr. Smiley. He wouldn't be ours if he didn't have a bit of feist in him, and it seems as though the boy has a bit of a temper, but also has his dad's laid back demeanor ... the two can go hand in hand! He is so loved by his siblings. He has started getting up on all fours and rocking and I secretly want him to lay back down because once he starts moving he feels so much less like a baby, more toddler-ish. He loves his tummy and stays there as much as he can. He lives in the front pack attached to my body, where his little legs dangle and his head rests so perfectly against my chest. I find myself feeling the rise and fall of his breaths as he sleeps and nuzzle against his furry blonde head, smothering him in smooches because I know too well how quickly this time goes. And four kids . . . four kids .. I should be screaming WE ARE DONE, and even though I know we are, I envy those moms who "know" in their gut that they are finished, that they are ready for the next chapter of this parenting book. For me, I am going to relish in each day with him. Because as the saying goes "baby's don't keep", it's oh so true. Jasper Michael, you are so loved my sweet baby boy.