"On second thought, you should come" . . . birth of julian

We knew there was a chance that her birth could go quick but how quick it went I don't think any of us were prepared for. I laid down on the couch with my baby sleeping on my chest, phone in hand, waiting for it to ding to alert me to leave. We decided there was still time and her labor was steady but not quite "active". Ten minutes later, I got the text that said "On second thought, contractions have intensified. You guys should come." Little did I know that my 40 minute drive would be far too long to get there to see this little one be born. Quick and swift, baby Julian was born a half hour after I received that text. I walked in to his daddy rocking him and the cutest siblings bouncing around all giddy to meet their baby brother. Even though I missed it, it was so perfect. It was his birth story. Happy "birth"day baby Julian .. you are so loved.