A new house full of love .. and also, the cutest brother and sister!

The world has this crazy way of connecting people in ways that seem to run full circle. A high school friend of my husbands and his wife, whom I have a connection with in the birth world, and their lovely family, asked me to photograph their family last year for the first time. This year, it was a different session .. one with a new home, a baby bump, and their dog who missed out last time. Little Miss Juna was sweet as pie, being shy at first and snuggling in cozy to her big brother (who can I just say, is the absolute sweetest with her!) but after a bit, I got some of those real genuine smiles out of this cutie. Baby brother due to arrive in just a couple weeks and a family that is settling in to their new home. I'm grateful that the universe connected me to this family, they are wonderful!!