An Easter baby surprise {Jasmine birth}

This dear friend of mine allowed me to document her third daughter being born 2.5 years ago .. it was my first birth and I knew at that moment I was hooked. This was something I was meant to do. Documenting a day that is so monumental in our lives, a day where the little details are so often forgotten because, well let's face it, we're a little preoccupied with other things! It's a day where you never knew the strength you had, the courage, the happiness, fear, elation, and ultimately the love .. you never knew all this could exist in a single moment in time. And I, I get to document all of this .. and show all of you what wonderful beings we are.

A fourth time mama, who happens to be a doula and who got to experience something she has only witnessed as a support person, her first home birth. Having had three night time births at Woodwinds this little lady decided she wanted to truly set herself apart from her brother and sisters. Born on Easter morning, while the sunshine literally beamed through the windows as her brother and sisters searched for their Easter baskets. This mama labored comfortably at home with her supportive husband never leaving her side. Her sister was there watching with admiration and due to the technology we now have, her other sister watching over face time. Three little's who would check in sporadically and a midwife team that was always present and making sure mom and baby were doing well. It truly was a beautiful day, for so many reasons, and I could not be more honored to be a part of it. Thank you friends for asking me to document another one of your births!! xo