'Day in the life' with the Hogan's

Day in the life sessions rival births for my all time love of photography. I love documenting families together, doing the things they love in the spaces they cherish. This family is an especially important family to me and the love they have for one another is so obvious in each frame I took. Not only love, but pure respect and honor for each other. When I came in Miss Emalyn was waiting oh so patiently to dive in to the baking, every once in a while glancing up to see what that lady with the camera was doing! Her fun little personality had me laughing the whole time, especially her love for song and dance! In the end, her and I were buds, riding the teeter totter, singing songs, and I was even allowed to decorate some of her beloved eggs! These are the moments we as parents live for .. the little things we forget to document, the moments we want remembered, but also, having everyone together as a family .. To the Hogan's, thank you for welcoming me in to your warm home. You have a beautiful family and I am honored to call you guys friends! xo