Cars + self care #100happydays

Day 6: My little Mister has loved cars since before he turned two. It would keep him content for hours throughout the days. We would paint with cars, drive them in play dough, make the biggest line up we could, they would venture outside with us in the dirt, go through mud and water, and end up everywhere my feet hit the floors. You know that saying "the days are long but the years are short" .. it's true. Every ounce of it. He's six and a half now  and while he still pulls those cars out  to play with every now and again, they aren't glued to his hand. I no longer can pull a car out of my diaper bag that he hasn't seen for a while and watch him get so excited .. now it's legos, and sports, and ipads, and friends .. all things big and not so little anymore. So yesterday when I saw him at his favorite spot, playing with his cars, I needed to make that memory once more, because really, it could be the last time I really remember watching him do it. 

Day 7: I don't realize how much my body relies on a chiropractic adjustment until I'm pushing 2-3 weeks without one. I thought about canceling our appointment today but then realized how much I was looking forward to getting the girls and I adjusted! So we braved the snow and I was oh so happy we did! Our adjustments are just a little bit of self care we can give ourselves to help maintain healthy immune systems (even though this year has not been the kindest to us when it comes to sicknesses!). Even when they are sick it's important for us to see Dr. Amber. I left Health Foundations with an extra spring in my step, feeling a bit better. Also, if you are in need of a family chiropractor .. check her out!