An evening of beauty .. {Lizzie, senior}

It was windy and overcast all day .. I messaged this mom and jokingly said "the wind better settle and these clouds better part before tonight"! Knowing how important the lighting is during a senior session, I crossed my fingers and headed out to my two sessions for the evening. Let's just say, our weather requests were oh so pleasantly answered! Beautiful temps. Beautiful evening sunshine. Beautiful everything! And this senior, she rocked this session with ease about her. Gorgeous in every way, she's ready to handle this senior year!! 


Water Balloon Fight .. YES please!!

So often we think of family portraits as just that .. a portrait. Where we all are dressed in some of our finest clothes, smiling and looking at the camera. And while those photos are treasured photos in their own way, (looking back year after year and seeing how your family has grown and changed), sometimes a different type of "portrait" session is a welcomed changed. So when I got an email from my client that said " How would you feel about us trying to get a few good shots, then straight up having a water balloon fight?", I responded almost immediately, and probably a little too giddy, with I LOVE THAT! How FUN!!

So if you feel like your photos are in need of a little change from the "typical portraits" .. think outside the box. What does your family enjoy doing together that could evoke a memory documented in years to come. Perhaps it's a pool party, a family football game or a dead of winter sledding session or hockey game. Maybe it's a family hike to a favorite spot or a family meal together. Whatever it may be that brings joy to your family, these photos are equally as treasured :) Enjoy a glimpse in to this beautiful family and their fun water balloon shenanigans! 


Baby Simone {Fresh 48 Session}

When our babes are born I feel like things instantly become a haze in those first few days. You float through your days in a state of sheer exhaustion and your nights are spent awake feeding, rocking, and changing. When you have an older child at home, those days become even a bit more fuzzy. We go through the motions of care taking for each of our littles and somehow the days and nights seem to become intertwined. Before you know it you are out the newborn phase and you wonder where those days went?! The sleep deprivation seems settles down a bit, or we just get more used to it :) , you slowly need one less cup of coffee during the morning to get yourself going, and that haze starts to lift. But in those first days, having those moments captured to remember they indeed once were so small. And so sleepy and peaceful, and that even though it sometimes feels like we are floating through on autopilot, we did in fact sit down with our babies. To enjoy those first moments. They way they smelled. Their sleepy smirks. The way big sibling adjusted to a new normal. Wrapping our heads around the fact that just a days ago they were growing inside us and now here we sit, holding and rocking them and enjoying this new phase that we are in.


His face says it all in the first photo. So proud to be a big brother! And even though he initially said he wasn't going to partake in photos, he quickly decided holding new baby sister was a pretty cool job for a big brother. And baby sister, well she was a dream boat and slept through all the clicks with a quick eye opening appearance. Meet baby Simone, just two days new and cute as a button. 


Babies + dogs = too much cuteness!

Remember those first moments as a first time parent ... those moments where this little person was placed in your arms and you knew in that instant that your life was forever changed. You were going to protect and guide them, and do your darndest to soak up every single moment. But the thing I wish I knew as a first time mama, which we always hear, is how quickly the days pass by. It's like we blink and they're entering kindergarten! 


Our session got postponed a couple of times so when I walked in and saw them holding their tiny, yet rapidly growing, four week old son, they looked anything but first time parents! They were easy going and totally chill, laughing through the little cries or the stops to put the paci in. And while Wesley had better plans than sleeping during our session, being outside gave us a calm, content babe! Also, Liam the dog delivered a pretty sweet dog picture too :)


A Mama's Love . . .

I think one of the most important things I've learned doing photography for the past 6 years is this .... photos can be quite healing. The photos that a family looks at aren't just a picture. They are a memory of these fleeting moments in our lives. One that they will look back on and hold close to their heart. Because it will provoke a memory of some sort. A time in your life that was maybe difficult, or joyful, or both. I'm reminded why I enjoy capturing moments for families. When you look back at a gallery in years to come, or flip through the photos you've printed, you will be reminded of those moments that you hold so dear to you, but that we so quickly forget as time moves rapidly in front of us. 


The love these four share with one another is remarkable. One I hope my camera captured well, because even amidst a difficult transition, they are smiling with each other. Lifting each other up and embracing each other with warm, comforting hugs. And this mama ... her love for her three little's is something indefinable. I watched as she was their cheerleader, their comfort when they skinned their knee, their worry and protector when they climbed too high .. all of it, she was there alongside them. Parenting is hard. We always want to do what's right for our children, questioning ourselves on the daily. But looking at this family, the one thing that always is right .. is love. 


Dance parties + balance bike rides + baby blues

I think we all know how hectic and stressful moving is. Add in a couple of kids and it's even MORE busy! This family was doing just that .. only a few days from closing on their new home, they welcomed me in to their first house as a family, one they wanted remembered before they moved on to a new chapter. It was relaxed and fun, and I felt as though for that one hour, they pushed aside all the busyness to just "be" together as a family. And after a few moves for our own family, the one thing I've learned is that a house really is just a shell that holds your memories. WE are the ones that fill it up and make it feel a home, no matter where that is. So as this new family steps foot in to their new home, and says goodbye to their first family home, they are carrying with them all the memories but instantly creating new ones. They will fill it to the seams with love and laughter and many many more dance parties together! 


Baby Kit + Big Brother JD

When dear friends have babies, my heart is so so happy for them .. but I get even more excited when they ask me to document these moments that flash so quickly before our eyes! Baby Kit, just a week old, was alert and awake for a big chunk of our session. Not making a peep, maybe she was as entertained by big brother JD as much as we were, but that sweet babe was oh so content. When she finally dozed off, in her mama's arms, she gave me one of those sweetest sleepy baby smiles and slept soundly as we moved her around capturing all her newness. And did I mention that hair?! This family, and their dear Addy girl fur love .. my how I adore them!!


2016 Fall Mini Sessions

A last minute plan to do fall mini sessions for all those wanting to get Christmas cards out! Two locations, one day! Email me your preferred location and time slot!

Sunday November 13th, 20 minutes, 5 high resolution images + print release, $200

Morning Minis at Centennial Lakes Park in Edina

Times available: 8, 830 (booked), 9, 930, 10 (booked)

Afternoon Minis at Silverwood Park in New Brighton

Times available: 2 (booked), 230 (booked), 3 (booked), 330 (booked), 4 (booked)


"On second thought, you should come" . . . birth of julian

We knew there was a chance that her birth could go quick but how quick it went I don't think any of us were prepared for. I laid down on the couch with my baby sleeping on my chest, phone in hand, waiting for it to ding to alert me to leave. We decided there was still time and her labor was steady but not quite "active". Ten minutes later, I got the text that said "On second thought, contractions have intensified. You guys should come." Little did I know that my 40 minute drive would be far too long to get there to see this little one be born. Quick and swift, baby Julian was born a half hour after I received that text. I walked in to his daddy rocking him and the cutest siblings bouncing around all giddy to meet their baby brother. Even though I missed it, it was so perfect. It was his birth story. Happy "birth"day baby Julian .. you are so loved. 

Slow down time!

It's been over a year since I've blogged .. what can I say, life takes hold and it's gotten a bit neglected. I love writing, and taking pictures, and every time I sit down here and tap the keys, I find my mind replenished, my soul happy. 

It's been seven months, seven whole months since we were blessed with this tiny miracle baby. As my dad refers to him as "smiley", he is just that, Mr. Smiley. He wouldn't be ours if he didn't have a bit of feist in him, and it seems as though the boy has a bit of a temper, but also has his dad's laid back demeanor ... the two can go hand in hand! He is so loved by his siblings. He has started getting up on all fours and rocking and I secretly want him to lay back down because once he starts moving he feels so much less like a baby, more toddler-ish. He loves his tummy and stays there as much as he can. He lives in the front pack attached to my body, where his little legs dangle and his head rests so perfectly against my chest. I find myself feeling the rise and fall of his breaths as he sleeps and nuzzle against his furry blonde head, smothering him in smooches because I know too well how quickly this time goes. And four kids . . . four kids .. I should be screaming WE ARE DONE, and even though I know we are, I envy those moms who "know" in their gut that they are finished, that they are ready for the next chapter of this parenting book. For me, I am going to relish in each day with him. Because as the saying goes "baby's don't keep", it's oh so true. Jasper Michael, you are so loved my sweet baby boy.